Our mission is to empower people to take control of their digital footprint, and use it to their advantage.

Just as mining companies pay royalties to sovereign states for extracting natural resources, data companies should pay royalties to sovereign individuals for the data that they collect. The overwhelming amount of data that tech giants use for their success is enough to make us believe that data royalties could be a viable solution for an early stage basic income model.

One of the greatest traits of capitalism is the concept of private property and the right to freely trade it. In a world in which automation is taking over most industries, human experience is one of the few things a robot can never replace. Personal and behavioral data is the most valuable resource most people still have to offer and should be treated as private property.

Every step brings us closer to our long term goal of a truly passive income for our users.

This is what we want the future of Dimely to be.

Monetize reaction to content

Ads become the first layer of interaction between companies and our users.
Companies can buy customer personas.

Enable enhanced interaction

Interactive features for complex feedback such as sliders, pickers, polls etc.
Coming Soon

Customer finding engine MVP (patent)

Input your product, output your perfect audience using AI.
Coming Soon

Introduce focus groups

Live video streams for selected users
Coming Soon

Capture emotional reaction layer

Implement eye tracking hotspots and emotion recognition based on facial expressions
Coming Soon

Passive collection of behaviour

Develop system wide listener that can optionally collect behaviour from other apps
Coming Soon
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